About Me

Hi there - I'm Rachel! 28 year old military wife, mummy of two girls and the creator behind Wild Rose Jewellery.

I first started selling my handmade sterling silver designs over on Etsy in 2017 after I had my first daughter, Nancy - as a way of making some extra income through my love of boho inspired jewellery (and also to keep my mind as busy as possible while my husband, David was away on deployments)!

We made the big decision to move to Gibraltar with our little family (at the same time finding out we were expecting our second daughter, Esme!) and that's where I rebranded my little jewellery business and started creating and selling from here in Gibraltar. I created my own website, invested in beautiful packaging and spent hours on end working on my photography skills (which are far from perfect!) all from my kitchen.

Everything I create and sell is made from sterling silver. It's the most luxurious and affordable metal out there, perfect for making jewellery out of! It's hypoallergenic (so it won't turn your skin green), durable and suits every skin tone beautifully. When taken care of, it really can last a lifetime (hello family heirloom!) Packaging is also super important to me, which is why every single order goes out beautifully gift wrapped by me, including one of my eco-friendly Wild Rose gift boxes, perfect for gifting to your loved ones.

And what an incredible journey it's been! I've connected with so many wonderful people, both locally and from across the world. My customers are without a doubt the best customers in world and I will be forever grateful for the huge level of support my little business has had so far.

Nancy and Esme are my little girls, and Wild Rose Jewellery has definitely become my third baby!

Love Rachel. X