Jewellery Care

Wild Rose's jewellery is made with metals that are designed to withstand daily wear. Here are a few things you can do to keep them in their best condition.

★ Every piece is made either with sterling silver or 361L stainless steel. These metals are both durable enough for you to wear every day and they don't require much special treatment.


★ Store your sterling silver pieces individually when you're not wearing them to avoid tarnishing. Wild Rose's pouches and gift boxes are perfect for this!

★ Sterling silver can tarnish over time when exposed to chemicals. But don't worry if this happens - it's an easy fix, you can do at home.

★ Wipe clean your pieces every now and again to remove dirt and oil build up.

★ Wild Rose's jewellery is waterproof - just dry it off afterwards and carry on.

★ How long a gold plated piece of jewellery will last, is dependant on the wearer and the piece of jewellery. The plating on Wild Rose's sterling silver pieces is 18k gold. Avoid chemicals like bleach and chlorine as this can cause the plating to wear quickly.


★ Wild Rose's 361L Stainless Steel jewellery is our most durable. It will not scratch or damage over time and it won't tarnish.

★ The golden stainless steel pieces are PVD coated which is much more long lasting than original gold plating.

★ Being waterproof means you can wear it all the time!